Barry is a highly effective facilitator working with businesses and sporting organisations to achieve positive outcomes.

In 2009, he facilitated the end of season review for the ANZ Trans Tasman Netball Championship.

Comment from Sue  Crowe –  CEO Melbourne Vixens 2009 series champions:

“I can highly recommend Barry as a facilitator. He did a wonderful job in bringing the issues of several competing groups together to achieve a result that ended in wins for all involved.”

Triathlon New Zealand Coaching Courses

“… express my appreciation for the way in which you conducted the recent Triathlon Level 1 Coaching Course. In particular the content, the atmosphere and the way participants were encouraged to express their views either individually or by way of the group sessions. The success of the course can be attributed to your leadership and presentation skills and your ability to keep participants involved and focused throughout the duration of the programme.”
– Murray Ashley


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