Think One Team™

Could ‘Silo syndrome’ be costing your organisation thousands every year?

It doesn’t matter what you call them – silos, kingdoms, insular business units working at cross purposes – one thing is certain – they’re bad for business.

Your organisation, like most, is probably separated into smaller business units. It’s a natural and desirable state that allows people to focus, specialise and take ownership of different functions. But when the departments or teams within your organisation are acting against one another, rather than collaborating with each other, the effects can be devastating:

  • Unnecessary complexity and repetition increase costs
  • Data trapping and hoarding reduce agility and responsiveness
  • Employee conflict and low job satisfaction increase staff turnover
  • Lack of coordination reduces service and frustrates customers
  • Communication breakdowns frustrate suppliers

Team building and leadership training will get your organisation thinking and acting like one team

Using proven team building and leadership training methods, Optimize can get the business units within your organisation to start collaborating with each other, instead of acting against one another.

In collaborative organisations, employees share a common goal, and they interact regardless of department, rank or location. This comes with many benefits, including:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced costs through better efficiency
  • Higher employee morale and staff retention
  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention
  • Fewer conflicts with suppliers and contractors

Think One Team™ is an internationally successful team building, leadership and coaching program that can increase productivity, reduce staff turnover and add thousands of dollars to your bottom line, by breaking down the silos that are destroying your business.

The Think One Team™ program is helping organisations around the world to enhance their performance by fostering teamwork and alignment across boundaries.

The model, developed by respected business psychologist Graham Winter, and delivered by Optimize as an accredited alliance partner, is based on five simple yet highly effective practices that break down ‘silo thinking’, delivering enormous value to your organisation:

Think silos Think one team
Pursue other agendas Share the big picture
Avoid and deny Share the reality
Stifle Communication Share the air
Look after your own turf Share the load
Play I win, you lose Share wins and losses

How can Think One Team™ help your organisation perform better?

The Think One Team™ program includes tried-and-tested workshops, projects, resources, tools and coaching sessions that work together to deliver the benefits of teamwork and partnership across your organisation, without altering your existing structure of separate, specialised business units.

From the three core frameworks, each program is individually tailored to your needs, ensuring your leaders and teams get exactly the right balance of workshops, projects and coaching to deliver the value of ‘one team’ thinking to your organisation.

Think One Team™ framework
A series of workshops and projects for managers and teams, followed by an implementation process, embed the Think One Team™ practices into your business. By fostering teamwork and partnerships across the boundaries that exist in your organisation, the Think One Team™ framework will allow your services to be delivered more efficiently and effectively, increasing productivity, reducing costs and ultimately contributing to your bottom line.

United Leadership™ framework
Your organisation’s success is dependent on the ability of your leaders to unite and inspire people to

achieve a common goal. The United Leadership™ framework is a program for senior leaders that will ensure they are fully equipped to model and lead a ‘one team’ business.

Cure the Review™ framework
A collaborative organisation can only exist when there is an effective feedback and coaching culture in place. The Cure the Review™ framework creates the skill-sets and practices required to enable leaders and employees to have effective two-way performance relationships and conversations.

Imagine the possibilities when everyone in your organisation thinks and acts as one big team

Find out exactly how you could benefit from applying the Think One Team™ principles, by contacting Optimize for a completely free appraisal of your organisation today.


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