Mentoring and Coaching

‘Barry’s encouragement made me realise my potential by transferring the skills I learnt from my sport into a professional sales career. His training demonstrated how to break down the sales process to develop a strategy that will ultimately lead to success. Barry’s mentoring and coaching really was inspiring!’
– Helen Norfolk, Olympic Swimmer and Sales Consultant Radio Network

“Barry assisted me with preparation for an important interview for acceptance into Medical School.  The interview process is very intense and potentially stressful but due to his guidance in preparing me for the interview, I was fully prepared and confident in the outcome, and yes, I am now beginning my studies to become a Doctor as a result.”
– Marianne Kim

“Malo e lelei and warm Pacific greetings to you. Hello there Barry.  I wanted to share with you what I learnt from the leadership programme you ran earlier this year.

I found the programme very useful and it helped me a lot with my leadership role through out the year. I am a person who doesn’t talk a lot. I like to listen and try and understand the message before I act. I only talk if I don’t understand anything. I am more of an action person.
I never forgot about you and your help. You taught me something that I never expected, which is how to deal with problems myself. I had a very tough year this year with my health problems but I always think about all the advice you taught me from the beginning. It really helps a lot and will always be with me forever in my life.

I would like to thank you for sharing with us your understanding about leadership. I don’t have enough words to explain how lucky I am to have someone like you who showed me the way to leading, taking responsibility and being successful in my life.”
– Siua Silka, Headboy, Mangere College

“Thank you so much for your time yesterday. I must admit after I walked out I felt very comfortable and felt I could take on anything. You are very easy to talk to and gave me some great advice.”
– Sarah Gilmore, Senior Training Adviser, Retail Institute of New Zealand

“A big thank you to my mentor, NZ High Performance Coach Barry Larsen for setting up this big adventure for me! Barry has worked with elite athletes for many years, and is now focused on working with youth development athletes (and apparently the occasional old bird like me). He also takes his extensive knowledge of high performance in sport and applies it to the corporate world to help companies excel.”
– Naomi Fergusson, New Zealand triathlete


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