Is your organisation paying the price of poor employee performance?

Team building and leadership training are proven to enhance performance, reduce staff turnover and increase your bottom line.

Every year in New Zealand, and all over the world, organisations lose thousands of man-hours and millions of dollars unnecessarily. Is your organisation one of them?

Just think about the staff in your organisation for a minute – do they tend to…

  • Pursue individual agendas, instead of seeing the bigger picture?
  • Avoid and deny potential problems, rather than deal with them?
  • Hoard information more often than they share it?
  • Look after their own turf, rather than sharing the load?
  • Compete with other departments for resources and results?

If any of those sound familiar, your organisation is probably one of thousands that suffer financially every year from ‘silo syndrome’.

Silos in business are incredibly destructive. They reduce communication, decrease efficiency, lower staff morale and increase customer frustration. All that means one thing for you – increased cost.

Break down the silos with the world-renowned Think One Team™ program

There is a tried and tested solution that has been used all over the world, in private enterprise and government, that can enhance business performance, reduce staff turnover, increase morale, cut costs and contribute to your bottom line.

It’s called the Think One Team™ program, and it’s available to your organisation from Optimize now.

Team building and leadership training will get your organisation

Other ways Optimize can help you enhance your employees’ performance:

Sales and Customer Service Training
Give your Sales team a skills boost designed to rapidly increase turnover, and furnish your Customer Services team with the expertise they need to deliver excellence, every time.

Soft Skills Education
Training in soft skills like communication, time management, stress management and resilience can boost staff performance in key areas where they may be letting you down.

Corporate Health & Wellness
Healthy employees are more productive employees. Make sure your people are performing at their peak with our corporate health and wellness seminars and programmes.

One-on-one Coaching
Combining training with ongoing coaching and mentoring can dramatically enhance end results. Coaching and training together could increase productivity by as much as 88%*!


Where there’s conflict of any sort, there’s the potential for waste. We can help facilitate events, relationships and more, assuring positive outcomes for all involved.

Keynote Speaking
Want to motivate your people to achieve excellence? We can deliver highly inspiring presentations based on our experiences of both elite sport and successful business.

*The Manchester Review 2001 – Maximising the Effectiveness of Executive Coaching

Companies & Organisations we work with:

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